Sunday, March 16, 2008


I hate the word gutted, but I'm totally gutted Chris Fountain didn't win Dancing on Ice. It was the same when Rhydian didn't win X-factor, but this is way worse. Boo to them all.


  1. NO MILAN! Suzanne Shaw was brilliant. She was so graceful and elegant and beautiful. I'm sure little girls all over the country (and Idiot) were looking at her and wishing they could fly. She blew me away with how graceful she was.

    Chris F plodded around like an elephant. Boooooo

  2. Chris had his ups and downs this wk but 9/10 weeks he was superlative and Suzanne's always been a bit too deviously desperate. I much preferred Chris's bolero too.

  3. Ash - maybe this will change your mind:

    I'm off to buy OK magazine first thing tomorrow. Why do people look so well in the rain.

  4. Yeuch Milan, you don't think posing in the rain looks desperate?

    I "heart" Suzanne. She was perfection.

  5. i too was very upset at chris not winning.However suzanne did look great but i just dont think there was as much content in hers as chris"s,he twisted and turned on the wire and i think the remark at the end when a judge said he was too intense was rubbish