Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hi all

Well they finially got me blogging.

For my first post im just going to let you in (a little) to my life. As a child i went to Italy on holidays most years this was a time when foreign holidays were'nt as popular as they are now. That will give you an idea of my age. I will never forget the smells of flowers and food, so when i feel a little down i think back to lovely happy times.

Anyway enough about that, after years of suiting everyone else where holidays are concerned the husband loves sun sun sun and just lying by the pool, i finally got my way and we have decided to go to Italy and in my excitement i was in carlow the other day and said to hubby lets go to the lovely little italian for lunch, imagine how i felt when the reply was i don't really like Italian food.
great holiday huh!


  1. He'll come round - one word: Gelato!
    And the pizza, fresh veg, tomatoes, mozerella, ricotta, fruit, basil... he'll come round. You discover what things really taste like in Italy.

    He'll come round.

    And if he doesn't, can I come instead next time? My husband and I want to move there...

  2. woohoo welcome mum, good to see the punctuation is still an issue for you.

  3. i would move there tomorrow. so hopefully he will love it as much as i do and who knows maybe this time next year

  4. Congrats Ails. I love Italy too and Italian food but am happy enough to visit and not move there. I usually end up there once a year anyway.

  5. Welcome Aileen, feel like we know you so well already from all the commenting.

    I've had lots of Italian holidays, absolutley loved the north, Milan, Venice, Florence, Sienna the Alps etc. etc. But the south I hated. Anywhere, that I visited, south of Rome was horrible and full of people trying to rip you off. Pompeii was such a disaster for tacky souvenirs and the Italian version of the OPW letting tour guides rip you off.

    Loved the north though...food, art, the people, mountains, lakes...everything.

  6. I've never been to italy.....makes me sad that does!

    Welcome Ails!

    Great to see you've made the leap from commentator to participant!

  7. Hi Mum

    I am alive. I even called you back today. A for effort there. Whos minding the dogs while your away? ;)

    Good to have you posting but please remember that Shan and I know these people so nothing to embarrassing about our childhood please.....


  8. Ails,

    I'm getting married in Italy next year, I'll swing ya a plus one and you can come to Tuscany.


  9. oooh tib.
    When I was a child it was tuscany we went to, a place called Forte De Marmi. It was really beautiful

  10. Welcome aileen! And of course your hubby likes italian, he just doesnt know all there is to eat (or does he?). If he doesn't like pasta, olive oil and fish: go north where they are crazy about butter, meat and vegetables. He'll be happy. I'm sure!

    ...and I *am* looking forward to hearing you telling us all about shan and idiot growing up *mvhahahahah*