Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've got a secret.......

This is prayer around the cross,from the age of about 12 until about 18 I used to go into St Marys pro cathedral on Good Friday every year to do this, it involved a lot of singing and candles, it was a very peaceful place, and I loved it. I was quite into the whole Taize religion thing, I liked the chants and the young people like me who were interested in having a unique relationship with God (whatever or who ever God maybe), I was in a folk group that sang at a non denominational mass every Saturday, it was held in a local community centre and I loved that too. The priests, one catholic and one C of I would do the service, at the bit where the priest would usually do his Homily bit he'd open it up to the people to talk, It was quite modern i suppose but also quite old christian I suppose as Christianity would have been groups of men and women meeting in houses to talk about Jesus. Then afterwards we'd all have tea and biscuits, chatting away, as a teenager I found it a great safe social outlet, where I stayed in touch with the extended community.

Now I fell away from my spiritual path, I got older, left home, never found a community mass like that again, mainstream Catholicism just doesn't appeal to me, I have too many issues with the way certain people have been victimised over the years, including my children, while they are baptised I didn't marry in a church so in the eyes of the church my kids are illegitimate! I actually considered changing my religion, I desire to belong to a religious community, I like the structure and support it give to families, but I've never got much further than sending a few mails to the Lutheran's or the local C of I!

So now Good Friday is coming around again, and for the first time in 16 years I am thinking of going to pray around the cross......I don't want to start going to mass or baking shortbread for the local PP but I feel after the last 12 months I'd really like some moments of tranquility, to be able to think about what has happened and what will happen in the next twelve months! Easter is all about rebirth, and I would like to mark my rebirth in some way!


  1. Great idea Midge. It does sound beautiful. If you'd ever like to go into the Unitarian church on a sunday I'd love to go with you - now we're that bit further out, I never make it in. Then we could go for lunch and a walk in the park :)

  2. I all the time miss being involved in religious stuff. I've said it before, spirituality is a wonderful state of being but it's not easy to find. I was in the Unitarian church last month but prefer old school catholic pomp myself. I've been looking out for some Easter religious activity myself but it's not easy to find.

  3. Really? I would have thought it was the one time of year you'd be spoiled for choice!

  4. I'm useless, I don't even know when you're supposed to go to mass at easter, is it on good friday or easter sunday or both? Which day don't you eat meat?? Bad bad catholic.

  5. unitarians would be good, I have considered that!Sounds like a lovely plan Jo!