Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just a Test.....

So here I am trying out my PS3 online stuff again. The last time I attempted this I was only able to type into the title bar. Well it seems that things have changed and I am finding my PS3 much faster than the laptop we are using at present.

Sorry for the lack of posting but am trying to get back into work mode after the holiday and getting really drunk last Saturday at the Blog awards..... Idiot + million Coors = toilet bowl conversation next morning.

Had an excellent night, not much more to say other than looking forward to the next one.

Talk soon



  1. I noticed the many beers, but also how compos mentis (sp?) you were despite them! A dangerous combo,beer and tolerance...

  2. Coors is Such a girlie drink....your girlfriend drinks pints for gods sake!!! :-P