Wednesday, March 12, 2008

M50 sci fi

I tell you something, I drove the length of the M50 tonight and it's in rag order. A total kip. In a heap. All over the shop.

Ne-er a stretch longer than 100 yards of daycent road. Then there's bits of closed off road on every side. Long stretches with no street lights. Unused construction vehicles everywhere. Narrow roads with brick walls on either sides.

Well all this makes it very sci-fi-like. Especially when the overhead lighting was out cause all you can see are red car lights ahead and the orange lights of the city in the distance, and everything going at speed.


  1. God, yes - drove home from Drogheda on christmas night with a screaming baby in the back. My night vision's not great, I wasn't driving my own car, it was a total nightmare.

    Yuo're zooming along, it's totally dark, and then suddenly you're fenced in by concrete barrier, and going way too fast. No fun.

  2. Technically being a learner I'm not allowed on the motorway so I have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. I have been planning a rant about this but am afraid I mught get arrested if I do.

    Unfuckingbeleivable, it is the sorriest excuse for work I have ever come accross. It is costing a fortune, it will probably never be finished, if it is it will have sudden speed changes because they got the camber wrong etc etc. The Port tunnel has been the fastest constructed anything and most reliable something ever created in Ireland in comparison to this road. Yes thats all this is. A road.

  4. Mind you, I did leave my glasses behind yest so that may have made the drive more sci-fi-ish.