Friday, March 14, 2008

mystic broadband rituals

My Broadband went off yesterday, I dunno why. I gave up turning it on and off and called the exorbitant help line, noting the irony of the hold notice informing me of the 24 hour online tech support.
A nice guy, patient of my nervy ineptitude, led me through a series of steps in an indeterminate accent - he could have been Asian, he could have been French, I don't know. But he was easy to understand, and calm!

Finally, after getting me do pings and stuff, far away from the comforting world of Windows (he could have told me to jump on one leg and wave an aspen branch at the bloody machine for all I knew what was going on) he got me to restart it - and it worked! I was delighted, it hadn't seemed to be moving towards any conclusion. I asked him if he'd actually done anything and he replied, in the sweetest voice,

'Yes, we did it together'.

I felt kind of like I'd had tech support phone sex!


  1. Aw that was so sweet of him...made me smile that did!

  2. There's nothing like a nice piece of kindness. It lasts.

  3. Did you crave a cigarette and cuddle afterwards!

  4. Oh, how sweet! Unfortunately he won't be working in Tech Support for long.
    Too nice :)

  5. If only every experience with a call centre was so appealing :)