Sunday, March 02, 2008

A poem pondering the reasons for our defeat

We did not win

Oh what a shame

We thought we were deserving.

We do suspect

The judges found

The silence too unnerving.

Although we comment readily,

We talk amongst ourselves -

We have a massive readership,

Who lurk like little elves:

You come, you read,

Laugh quietly,

Sneak silently away...

And so we have no trophy

To grace our shelves today.


  1. I agree, apparently we need to get ourselves more "out there" so random people making random comments (as opposed to specific people making random comments) will make us more "in".

    Unless next year, anyway, when everything changes.

    Nice poem, Jo!

  2. Ah god, what a nice little poem. Better luck next year :)

  3. Yaaaay Sinéad! Now if only we can resist the urge to ask you to join... :)

  4. Jo - that's a great poem. As unofficial Mistress of the Verse, as well as resident Courtesan/ururper in waiting, I signify my approval and appreciation.

  5. Love it Jo, but don't let the lack of outside commenters get you down...I don't think that's why we didn't win!

  6. Glad you're back online Midge! Welcome back to the rel world...