Wednesday, March 05, 2008

scary cyclists...

As a motorist I don't know how to judge bikes. I can slip in and out of traffic, do the rat racing and general aggressive driving (don't hate me) but the one thing I can't handle are cyclists. I have to give them ten times more space than cars, trucks or people - even the 3am Sat night variety. If I'm about to turn right onto a main road I'll take it if there's a vehicle coming at speed 40 yards away. If there's a cyclist 100 yards away I'll wait for it to pass. What is that about? Does anyone else fear the unpredictability of the cyclist like me??


  1. Yep. My firend is a keen cyclist in London - says it's ten times safer there - because there are actually procedures and places for cyclists in place, and everyone knows what to do.No-one has a clue here, and the cyle lanes are more dangerous than safe...

  2. Mother of the sweet divine Jimmy Hill. A cyclist would have to have had a feed of beans or an outboard motor for you to afraid of one from 100 yards

  3. There was a really cool campaign during election season in 2007 calling for better support for cyclists in Ireland. They found amongst the various parties only Labour, the Green Party, and Sinn Féin were making any real plans to make bicycling more safe for both the cyclist and the drivers alike. The PDs tried, sorta.

    Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael did absolutely nothing. And having the majority of the fists up the majority of the controlling asses in the country, it probably means there's no chance you'll feel less worried about folks on bikes in the foreseeable future.

    S'ok; we brought our bikes over from America more than 10 years ago and have very, very rarely dared to actually use them for going anywhere more than a couple of miles away. It's just suicidal. When I go riding with our older son it's almost completely done on pedestrian areas and side streets with little or no traffic. I know people who take their bike on the N11 up to Trinity every day. Fuck that.