Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Survey: what drives you to write for 9 pounds, at least?

The recent comments about whether we need more outside people, our reasons for taking part in this little human study called a blog, made me curious.

Why do you write on 49£? Is it because

a) you want to write for everyone who reads it;
b) you write for the enjoyment of the others in the group;
c) it gives you a thrill to put random crap up on the Internet;
d) you need an escape from your real life; or
e) other ?

Pondering our not having received the Irish Blogs Award, I realized something interesting for myself: I actually do this for (b)---everything I put into a post is driven, probably without exception, by my interest in sharing stuff with the other LBPs.

As I type stuff in I have absolutely no thoughts about Joe Random Human Being who may come upon a 49£ page because Google decided the choice of words looked kind of similar to what one of us wrote. I have some weird sense of comradery towards you-all, even thought I really don't know very many of you particularly well. As we get more chances to meet up face-to-face I find I know you a bit better, but at the same time I don't expect to actually know all of you. It would seem to be self-defeating to not have some level of mystery in place.

Anyway, back on topic: please share what you think is your primary reason for writing on here. Maybe after a couple of minutes thinking about it you'll discover (as I did) that your actual reason is not what you're expecting?


  1. I would say a, b and c. I like talking. I like formulating blogposts in my head, then actualising them. Certainly, I write for the rest of you and your responses as well as for myself, moreso now than when I started, it's true. But I like the idea of publishing to the wider world too. Why not? Sure a stranger is just a forninepounder we haven' indoctrinated yet :)

  2. Minor correction: I realized there are one or two other reasons for specific posts I've done in the past, but I think those are the exceptions.

  3. I'm a chatty/sociable person and it's a great medium for that when you're at work or alone. Also, my fella has been at me for years to write a blog so I kind of got into commenting based on lots of harassment!

  4. My audience when posting is the extended 49£ family. I don't like to think of a wider audience cause it's not my bag. If I knew other family and friends were reading this I wouldn't blog. I get the same pleasure in formulating posts as I do facebook statuses. There's an element of creativity, humour, expression, rant etc. We've probably gone through this before.

  5. friends, I have my own blog that I write for loads of reasons but here it is community and love for my new friends!

  6. A, B, C, D and E (more specifically I love being the overlord of a cult).

    Realistically though I only write and make effort for you guys here. I'm conscious others read but, given that I don;t know who they are, they don't really enter my thoughts. Except, of course, when some of the prominent ones come up to you at the blog awards and tell you they read here. Surreal.