Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Taste.. part 2

I keep a jar of Illy coffee in my car but I don't drink coffee. It's not for the drinking but for the smelling.

I find the sight of ham vomit inducing, yet I still love the smell of frying bacon.

It's taste vs. smell. They don't always collide. Who can resist the smell of curry.

Ok I can't think of anything else now. I'm going. okay.


  1. Hmm. Apart from the smell of meat, which I occasionally like but don't want to eat, I'm not sure if there's anything edible I like the smell of that I don't like... lots of inedible things, though - firelighters, anyone? Tey make me WANT to eat them.
    I like the smell of coffee more than the taste alright, but I don't dislike it.

    My husband, though very squeamish about raw meant, and likes everything extremely well done, LOVES THE SMELL OF BUTCHER'S SHOPS. Is he a serial killer?

  2. Love the smell of peppers, hate eating them.

    Love the smell of strawberry lip balm, eat that all the time..

    Love the smell of fresh cut grass, tastes like crap.

  3. Strawberry lip balm? No you're not remotely girlified......oozes testosterone that does.


  4. Was just gonna comment about that too. Idiot you're not doing yourself any favours here. I think you should take that modelling job and be done with it.