Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yea no problem.....and she said..

You know when you're in a pub/niteclub,
it's the end of the night,
you're in conversation,
the bouncers are trying to clear the room and move you towards the exit,
you affirm with emphasis that you're going to do what he says and move,
he says ok,
and you go back to your conversation like the exchange never happened,
both parties knew this would happen.
Steps 4 to 8 are repeated.

I really love when this happens, maybe it's an Irish thing but I always find it amusing and entertaining.


  1. Ah, this reminds me of Matin the Barman in the Porterhouse. Lovely guy. Moved to Canada.

    TIMENOWLADIESNADGENTSPLEASE! and one day he just cracked up laughing in the middle of it while we grinned at him. It's funny the little things you remember.

  2. Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou! ROTFL

    No, Milan, it is not (just) an Irish thing. I think it is more of a certain-category-of-people-thing.

    And I have a feeling us in here belong to that club ;-)
    The ones that just won't let go of fun - until kicked out. Literally.

    I know I am always surprised when the lights come on:
    * Clearly it must be a misstake. Right?
    * I mean my glass is still full-ish! (Looking down in to glass)

    Second surprise.
    *My drink is either a)gone [who drank it?] (or)
    b)is now an oversized Whiskey [who bought me this? (Sadly mostly my own doing, according to receipts found in various pockets of mine the day after]).

  3. Almost as good as the universal way we all ignore fire alarms whenever they go off in shops, pubs or clubs.