Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yummy Bunny!

Sorry I've been quiet guys! I have had a wonderful sinus headache on and off since Friday, this has resulted in me not having eaten any chocolate over Easter! My favorite Easter treat is Lindt Bunnies and I got two big ones and a lot of Little ones. As I didn't know if headache was my sinus's or migraine! I rattle when I walk, I have consumed a packet of Disprin, one of Panadol and a twenty pack of Syndol.....Jo I am a pharmaceutical nightmare right now!
So I am away from tomorrow, there will be no posts or comments from Midge, I am whisking my boyfriend away fro a few days to a secret location (he doesn't know where....other than it's in Ireland, Knock is beautiful at this time of the year!) I am hoping that some well organised Rest and Relaxation will help improve my head, and my lovely spotty face.....either that or the wine and chocolate will make it much worse (my bag is laden down with both)!
So Blog away, I'll catch up on Sunday!


  1. Heheh
    - I read: "I am whiskeying my boyfriend away for a few days..."
    - And thought:"wow, that's rad. Think that'll fix the sinuses? Yeah, might do the trick."

    Sorry to hear you're ill MW. Hope the rest will do its magic!

  2. I picked up an ear infection on holidays a few years back and was on nurofen super plus plus extra migrain etc for 5 days. I was so sick of the codeine induced lethargy by the end that I haven't gone near neurofen since. I'm back to generic paracetamol now. Told you I'd make a crap junkie.

  3. whiskeying him away would be cool! And we'd just stay at home and get blotto.....emerging occasionally to restock the fridge with beer!

    I will be grand, baby was awake crying pretty much constantly from 1.30 till six this morning, so i am not too sprightly today! but I am nearly away from it all!

    Milan, I'm feeling that lethargy, it's mad what these over the counter drugs do to you.