Friday, April 11, 2008

Bit of a rant

Now I know I'm getting on but I just can't get over the rudeness and appalling behaviour of some people.

I have been working a bit extra this last few weeks and this rant has being growing in me for a while. I work in a clothes shop and the majority of people are very plesant, however last week a woman came in with her child who proceeded to run around the shop hitting the clothes and then ran behind the counter and started hitting the till key's. Now I'm always afraid of the till going wrong or making a mistake so you can imagine my horror and nothing was said so i had to ask the child not to go behind the desk , all I got was a sulky look.

Later in the week I went for a walk while on my break, there was a young man standing outside a pub , another man came down the street in a wheelchair and must have said something to the young guy who proceeded to shout, "your nothing but a cripple" at the top of his voice repeatedly. I was really shocked but i was more annoyed with myself a few years ago I would have said something but now I would be afraid to approach anyone. There seems to be very little respect for anyone or anything by a lot of people of all ages.

Sorry about giving out but I had to get it of my chest.


  1. That's what we're here for. I see both the good and bad. My car broke down twice last week and on both occasions I had Joe Punters go out of their way to help me with it. On Sunday, I only got the car back from being fixed and it broke and this ueber flash brand new car pulled up beside me, twice the size of mine and with a glam looking couple inside. The man apologised that because the car was new he didn't have jump leads in it yet.

  2. I think people can still be so nice, and chatty etc. But general manners have gone to the dogs.

  3. Theres no such thing as middle ground anymore. People seem to be either arseholes or nice.

    Please dont go putting yourself in situations where someone could fly off the handle at you mum