Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blatant irresponsibilty...

I have a story that will shock you, given the general tolerence for road users.

I was in town earlier and parking on the street. Took a turn too early so came back out but felt and heard a slight scrape against the van on my left. There was traffic around me so I decided to go on and look for a place to park before doing anything.

In situations like this I always worry about being done by the wronged party so I wanted to suss the damage before confession. The parking meter happened to be beside the van I may have damaged but when I got there, the side door of the van was opened and there was 2 men beside it, one bloke on the phone talking delivery stuff and the other having a fag. I didn't want to go snooping at the car in front of them so ended up getting my ticket and scarpering off cause I was late for lunch.

When I came out after lunch the van was gone.

I know I'm terrible, but I've had enough broken mirrors and windows over the years to counter the karma.



  1. That was my car! You owe me five grand!!

    Just kidding.

    whisper: I may have done that too...