Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cartoon Time

As a kid, we'd be given a treat once a week. For my sister it would be some chocolate or sweets but for me, I'd always choose a comic. Favourites at the time included "Look-In" (subtitled the junior "TV Times"), "Transformers", "Star Wars" or "Spider Man". As I grew older, I stopped reading. After all, I was a teenager! I'd an image to maintain! (I know, hard to believe considering some recent posts eh?).

I'd still read the comics section of whatever newspaper had been bought at home and it was here that I discovered some genuine classics. "Peanuts", "Garfield", "Calvin and Hobbes", "Life in Hell", "The Far Side"... to name but a few. Sadly, most of the classics are no longer being produced.

So, join me over the next few weeks as I share some of my personal favourites, starting with the very fist "Peanuts" comic strip from October 1950...


  1. I loved Calvin and Hobbes and as a younger kid was Asterix crazy!

  2. Yea, in my day you were noone if you hadn't read at least 10 of the Asterix series. I do love Gary Larson too. There's a German equivalent called 'Nicht Lustig' which have some very funny ones. I'll try and find them.

  3. Now Milan, 'very fist' is funny.

    I loved Asterix too! And TinTin...

  4. Damn I missed that. You must be my Deputy in typo spotting Jo.

  5. Ok, couple of things, Jo and Milan as someone who is really nervous about my bad spelling, please stop with the typo watch!

    Two,I love all the old cartoon, and I have a seris of T Shirts that are so tacky it's great, got a nice red peanuts one recently.

    Three has anyone seen the peanuts orgy cartoon.......class!