Saturday, April 26, 2008


Got a lovely message from a new friend on facebook which put me in really good form ,(u know who you are) . So off i went into town and treated myself to a new handbag and the new eye treatment which is supposed to get rid of crows feet. Now I'm counting the cost.

Just a short post to say thanks , it's amazing to go out and feel really good about yourself . Still love the handbag but the crows feet are still there , ah well I call them laughter lines.


  1. Ach, what can you do? I'm noticing a lot more lines since the dreaded 3-0. And I'm no stranger to sitting home alone while himself is off adventuring.

    No fun. And the worst thing is, the more you do it, the harder it is to go out, you tend to sort of, settle in. Become sedentary.

  2. Just wait till you move off the mountain mum. You won't know yourself. You could always ask Al if you can move in with him...............

  3. Ails, I'm waiting for you to accept me as FB friend. Don't you love me anymore????

  4. sorry milan i did'nt know your real name

  5. I'm delighted you went out and spoiled yourself, you know apparently the Loreal De crease serum is really good, better than the No7 Serum.

    Handbags are great, like shoes, you can always enjoy them, they really last the test of time!!

    Good Woman!