Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm A Toys R Us Kid...

Growing up I was (and I'm proud to admit still am) a big fan of the original "Star Wars" movies (I'm sorry but the prequels are pants!) and "The Muppet Show". As I mentioned in a comment on another post, I even still have my original "Star Wars" action figures from the several birthdays and Christmases as a kid growing up in the '80s. Now Disney are celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Star Wars" with some special merchandise including a set of action figures featuring the Muppets as characters from the movie series including Miss Piggy as Princess Leia, Kermit as Luke Skywalker, Rizzo the Rat as Yoda and Fozzie as Chewbacca. I may have to pay a visit to Smyths...

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  1. They look great Mr P. You're taking over from me on the posting, fair play.