Friday, April 25, 2008

Lisbon pt 2

Postman has just arived and guess what , booklet on EU Reform Treaty in both English and Irish.

Of course my mind has gone into overdrive , how much has the tax payer spent . Money that could have been spent on health etc. I will read it but I still wonder how much i will understand. Maybe I'm just thick.


  1. Just vote no, it's so fucking complicated, that's cos they want it to be,so we don't actually know what we are voting for.

  2. But are they trying to get us to vote no with their obfuscation?

  3. I was at the Irish Book Awards on Thursday in the Mansion House. Bertie was on the gig of opening the gig before going off to do countless other nixers.

    He did his (quiet entertaining) speech about reading and Irish writers, jokes about his daughter etc but then launched into a massive plug for the Lisbon Treaty which was totally out of left field and out of place.

    They must be worried.

  4. I'm not thinking about Lisbon til I have to.

  5. I got the leaflet aswell, and I have to say I am no clearer on it, all I know is if I dont understand what the hell I am voting for I will be voting No.

    People may say why vote at all, well my answer to that is its my democratic right to vote, but if they want to make it unclear well then its my right to say fuck you and your covering up I vote No.

  6. Front page of the times shows the governments fear.

    "Taoiseach warns no to lisbon would be disaster"
    "repercussions that would do immense damage to Ireland"

    Scaremongering at its best.