Thursday, April 17, 2008

Number one in things to be grateful for!

I am reading an article at the moment about living in the moment, and apparently one of the most important things to do is to keep a list of things you are grateful for, so in the spirit of that here is a picture of my lunch yesterday, a bowl of organic carrot and coriander soup made from the Avoca soup cookbook, one of three bought for me by ash for my Birthday.
I am grateful to have the ability to cook such a yummy lunch, I am grateful for having such a thoughtful friend to have bought me such a lovely gift (actually grateful for all of my amazingly good friends) And I am grateful to be able to share the picture with you, my techno abilities are slowly improving! I am grateful Superquinn had a special on organic carrots!
I am also grateful for the lovely carrot cake cooling inside, made from the Avoca tea time book!


  1. Fair play Midge, that soup looks lovely and until I read further I would have thought you googled the picture, so professional does it look among soup pictures.

    Let me state once and for all, I love soup. I love soup loads. It's hot and tasty, it gives that lovely hot sensation when passing down the throat like hot drinks do. And it's usually good for you.
    Is there anything soup can't do.

  2. Oh yes, soup is such an amazing much variety, so comforting, throw in some home made bread.....heaven! I have all the ingredients for mushroom soup in the kitchen! I love the noodle based oriental soups too! my friend does a great chorizo and chickpea! God....getting hungry!

  3. mmmmm fooodd. My favourite is cuban black bean soup.

  4. Oh yes.....yummy! Is there coriander in that?

  5. Oh that looks gorgeous, I'm starving looking at it! Very professional! Glad to see you're using/ enjoying the books!

  6. I don't know. I don't make it, my local shop does, though it hasn't come round in a while. You should know I'm a crap cook, it works out better for me to buy.

  7. he hee, Milan, you just don't have to cook! That's it!

    Ash, it's all gone now, the soup....really good recipe, will replace my old one, but I always put in too much coriander, I just love that flavour so much! Thanks again!

  8. This is the first back and forth thread we've had in a while.

  9. Can I join in with soup kudos?

    There's a new sweet potato chili and coriander soup in Avoca that's well gorgeous. I can't quite get it right. I don't supposeit's in the recipe book?

    Nice work, MW.

    I wish I could get the rest of my family to eat. I think I'd better go on a course. My daughter just wants doughnuts and my husband lives off cheese sandwitches. Oh, for a chef!