Sunday, April 20, 2008

The other group blog

I have a confession. Appropriate in the circumstances.

I have a secret blog. Well, one I'm willing to admit to, others will have to stay in the shadows for now. A while back I was given an idea by an LBP for a project. It was a particularly fascinating idea to me and I floated it out there to a few people I thought might be open to the concept, some LBP, some not, about 10 in total.

I set it up and away it went.

The idea is easily explainable. A group blog with just one username and password accessible to everyone who writes for it. Thus anything that's posted is entirely anonymous as any of the contributors could have written it. No-one knows who else writes for it or how many writers there are. Same goes for comments. Would it fly? Well yes and no. There have been a few (admittedly fascinating) posts and some reaction but it seems to have stalled.

It makes for interesting reading nonetheless. What do you think?


  1. the lives of others is a bit too serious for casual comedy so I'll say it here. The first comment on the latest post uses the word "smameful". It's so 49£ worthy. One day when we've built up tons of typo words I'm gonna do a post full of them.

  2. SL - brilliant. And twisted. So Blog2.0 :)

  3. what typos do you have so far Milan. I know i spell check evrything!

    I agree with dolly what a fantastic idea SL I hope it takes off for you and the others involved, a truely original idea.

    Well done

  4. smameful, man hams, playonly, pron, all the breast, breast (for boots). Can't remember some of the older ones now.

  5. Thanks Dolly, Shan, think it's an interesting idea but those who signed up have been quiet so I may just let go quietly into the night.