Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad mode

Seems some of us are experiencing computer problems. Today I am about to toss another fine hi-tech pile of crap out the window. My laptop have decided not to start up anymore. Saturday the function keys stopped working, so I decided to restart hoping the re-boot would set things back to normal but no.

Now I have to send the stupid machine off to service to see if it can be fixed. I'm in doubt the data can be restored, but they will probably get it working again which is fine, but I feel I'm done with this computer now. It has betrayed me. It acts up on me and therefore should not expect to be accepted coming back just as it was 10 months ago.

I used to be really attached to this little things, but I've been somewhat cured after having wrecked three of them so far. I do recognize I must be doing something out of the ordinary to them but don't know what, and they certainly don't tell me.

So, now I'm on my way out to see what other fantastic small things there are to buy - and if any of you have an idea of what machine I should get I'm all ears (or eyes I suppose). I need it to be small, light, powerful and run MS programs (although I suspect MS could be part of them crashing).


  1. No idea. I think Shan would be the man to help you there.

  2. I have a Sony Vaio TX1XP, the predecessor to became the TZ* series. I adore it; I got it a few years ago because my other wonder, the Fujitsu Lifebook P-2046, died cuz of a nasty power surge. (And the new Lifebook at the time, I forget which one, had changed the keyboard making it unusable for someone suffering from RSI.)

    I'm not sure what happened to yours, but would encourage you to not give up. I've found Sony's products to survive really well; the only problem I've had with my own has been a faulty DC jack (the yellow thing on the back for the power plug), which I got fixed by Sony under warrantee.

    I've had a few friends talk about the Lenovo X300, and in particular putting it above the MacBook Air.

    Depending on what MS apps you run, you may not actually be shackled into having to use Windows, since most such things are available for the Mac as well...not that I'd suggest the Air just yet, since you cannot change the battery in it by hand---only Apple can. (BULLshit.)

    Also consider:
    * Lenovo ThinkPad X60s
    * Sony TX670B
    * A couple of people (1-day-left, 6-days-left) are selling the Sony Vaio TX3XP (the big brother to mine) on EBay. I've actually thought about this one because I want to have a backup choice should this TX1XP ever die, but I've held off the temptation. Mainly because I'm pretty sure it'll last me a good stretch yet (knock on silicon).

    Even given all of that, I would honestly encourage you to get another TZ, and sell your previous being-repaired one on EBay to make up a piece of the price difference. It's always possible that you just got a fluke in the production line.

    Good luck!

  3. I will gladly take that other lappy from you if its going to get binned!!!!

    Get an Iphone.

  4. I am being honest there btw! but in all honesty get away from MS and go for a mac book pro, you know it makes sense.

  5. Following on Shan's suggestion, go to an Apple Store/retailer and feel the MacBook and MacBook Pro first---if weight matters, you'll want to know the difference cmp to the TZ.

  6. I don't know what you are all talking about. A computer is a computer when it work's they are brilliant when they don't they are rubbish.

  7. Thanks guys!
    Will have to evaluate the Mac at some point, I'm just not sure now is the right time. I just know it'll do my head in not being on a standard windows keyboard. (I'm a keyboard user, hate GUIs with silly buttons to click).

    Checked out the X300 and looked overall great, but too small with only 64GB.
    If the VAIO doesn't come back in pieces I'll probably keep it for now. But the new TZ31 does look nice...