Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Photots from the Middle East

Some more photo oddities from the Middle East...

So, what we have here is

1. A Horse in the back of a pickup truck... I kid you not, only sorry I couldn't get a closer picture. The guy roaring through traffic, kept banging the roof of the cab to keep the horse's attention. Odd but true.

2. Some of the local music artists, avaiable on cassette...

3. A genuine product, in fact the guy in the shop was quite offended when I laughed... I haven't seen anyone using one, but it would explain some of the driving around here

4. Not sure if this is intended to be ironic or terribly clever - just comes across as weird to me... And yes, they do sell Vodka here, this part of the Middle East is quite relaxed

5. This I blame the Americans for. It is from the menu at TGI Friday's even though Friday here is like Saturday... Anyway, it is deep fried Mac And Cheese... Yep, deep fried... I didn't try it


  1. The laptop mount and the 2033 vodka are my favourites. Only for the fact that the taxis were shamefully for nothing I would have loved to take on the traffic there. That's my style of driving.

  2. Jesus can you get me one of them there laptop mounts, even though I dont drive I want one. What a mental place you have found yourself in.

  3. I would buy the laptop mount, but as I have no laptop (sniff) I woud place a pillow on it, and use it to rest my poor exhausted head as I drinve around, wishing I was in bed.

    Ah, those Arabs, they know how to live!

    Great finds, well documented!

  4. The mount it will be. I usually find it difficult surfing away in my car having to place the laptop in the passenger seat. Not very handy is it?