Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My car and I need pampering

I've recently realised that it's springtime outside. Come Sunday we're in June and that's a very scary thought. We've had over 25 degrees for a long time, but I've managed to ignore that as I am not slim and fit. I have bags under my eyes, my skin is greyish and the idea of having to let go of my black clothes makes me not want the summer to come at all. Same feeling every year, and I'll soon get over it with a little help from a razor, some sun and loads of rosé wine.

My true comfort here is that my car looks the same as I do. Last year (or was it two years ago?) I fucked up parking my car. Left a tiny scratch on the other car's bumper while my front was smashed in just over the wheel. Ah well, I'll fix that I thought but... I haven't.

The front glass is in a terrible state as well. The highway I go on each day has small rocks on it (for fun I guess) and every month a new rock hits the windshield leaving a small mark. One of them has now cracked the window from side to side, so I will have to deal with that as well. I'll fix that too, but I haven't.

And to make things really good I managed to have my second parking accident (is this car jinxed? cause it can't be me can it?) some weeks ago and now the other side of the car looks like crap. Again, a tiny mark on the other car. I'll have to fix my car. So I'm skipping work this morning in order to go to the insurance shop for check-up, and then opefully soon have it fixed and it'll be as good as new! ...which allows me to sell this and pick out a new car :)


  1. Gee never even noticed the other marks when we were over, its a nice car, although I do remember hearing you say something about replacing it soon, so best of luck to you with that, will you for a porsche again?

  2. New car! New Car!

    I too have fucked up my car. And it's needed a service and car test for TWO YEARS now! I just can't bring myself to do it. I'd sell it but it's orth nothing :(

    We need the car fairy, to come and wave her magic wand and fix all the dints and cracks.

  3. Shan - I might go for Porsche yes. Such a handy car to have when driving teens and their shit around.

    Jo - I cannot understand why I put off going to the car service place for two years. I did go today, and it took me 30 minutes... The man inspecting the damages even pointed out several damages that I hadn't seen saying "YAR (he was priate looking) yer wanna 'ave 'em fixed at the same time and not having to triple yer cost doncha?" Lovely man.

  4. I've got a ton of scratches on my car from dodgy parking, I never do anything about them.