Sunday, May 18, 2008

Night away

Yesterday I had this bright idea to go to Dublin, it's so long since I looked in the shop's so I decided to surprise my daughter and take her up to stay in a nice hotel for the night.

I spent hour's last night looking on the internet most were full some were so expensive it would have to be done on the quiet, westbury quoted 600€ which changed depending on what site you went into. I then got a bit worried what if Kate had something planned so I decided to call and tell her what I had in mind. She is an accountant so when I told her some of the price's she just laughed and told me not to be mad. She is very good to me and I have to say at this stage is more like a very good friend than a daughter just like Mrs Shan and Shell .Any way she said she would phone me this morning to look again .

We both went online and as she is a member of some hotel club she found a good price for the Gresham hotel. We both went down the booking form all in her name until it came to payment and there I was calling my visa number out to her , I started to laugh and thought typical accountant.

So next saturday we will go wild in Dublin really looking forward to it hav'nt spent a night with Kate for a long time.

Oh next week I should have faster and cheaper broadband AT LAST.


  1. Visit to the big smoke eh? With that Westbury quote you'd be cheaper getting a taxi back to Carlow.

  2. Oh yeah spoil the spoilt one!

    Nice to hear you are getting a break up in Dublin, Why didnt you think of Galway or somewhere nice instead. Ah well you will both have a ball.

    And I am thrilled to hear Broadband finally made it up the hill, congrats to that you wont know yourself trust me.

  3. spoil the spoilt one indeed.
    she take's me everywhere, I could'nt imagine myself in Dublin with you I would'nt be allowed to even look in the shop's