Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smelly stuff.....

I'm sure there are tonnes of women out there, like me, who love perfume bottles. Not necessarily perfume, just the bottles. I love it when they're a gorgeous, sexy shape. I love it when they're girly and pretty and look like little pieces of sculpture. And obviously they look much better when the liquid is still inside them. Which is why I can't bear to use them most of the time. I leave them sit on my bedroom shelf and look at them and sigh and notice how gorgeously damn gorgeous they are (sorry I've run out of words...)

There are some that are extremely beautiful and smell like muck, in my opinion of course. Like Agent Provocatuer, looks like a beautiful pink, sexy grenade but smells like yeuch. The stuff gives me headaches.

My favourites are the Jean Paul Gaultier bottles, for men or women. Sexy curves and a practical tin.

What often eventually happens is that I decide that life is too short and I must crack open one of them and use them and what happens? They're gone off and smell putrid! AWWW what a waste....how long does perfume last?
My current preference are for those Donna Karen Apple shaped ones, they smell so beautiful but the bottle is an awkward shape for the handbag!!


  1. L'air de temp's has a beautiful bottle with a bird on top and smell's lovely except it does'nt last long

  2. I can't think of which perfume bottles I like, but there's a lot of drink bottles that are really lovely too. The Absolut bottle is famous for it. I brought home a lovely water bottle from Netherlands last year.

    JP Gaultier is my favourite smell.

  3. Hello. This is really me Milan. I'm just faking being an anonymous person to see what it looks like.

  4. No it's not, it's great.

  5. Oh dear, a boring day. Poor Ais will think she's got loads of comments!

    Ais, I could donate an unused bottle of Joop appley perfume, can't remember what it's called, it's sort of a precursor to the DK (bought my husband one of them for Christmas).

    It still smells ok but it's YEARS old so it proabbly isn't.

    I liked it, but I jsut don't likewearing chemical perfumes, they make me feel a little sick. And then you can't get away from them... Since having the babies, I don't really like wearing anything but when Mr Smallman is a bit bigger I'll go back to my beloved vanilla.

  6. Jo - should you be addressing Ash and not Ails?? I left you a FB email btw.

  7. Hm... Is smell a positive word in English? In Swedish it is not. I've been programmed to use scent instead of smell when it comes to perfume (unless it stinks, because then smell would be right).

    Anyhow... I'm with Milan here, Gaultier it is. My favourite is Le Male which I know is for men, but it is fantastic. It is "Yes!-I'll-go-home-with-you-now" for me. But when I need to be reminded that I'm a she-devil I use Gaultier2 (unisex?) or the Classique EDT, can't really stand the Parfum version.

  8. I want this one now! http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P209279&categoryId=C10481

  9. Look again, Milan. I'm just being Irish - never noticed I did that.

  10. As a long time Gaultier wearer it's a good thing you and I are in different countries so Dolly ;)

    I swear, the amount of sniffing Milan does of me on a night out is obscene sometimes.

    Insert your own punchline here.

  11. I love perfume. I usually have about 5 on the go. I love RL Romance and Stella McCartney's original scent. Yum yum.

    My BF loves the teenagerish perfume that I wore back in the day so I reek at times of Red Jeans and Light Blue.

  12. Right SL, we can't have two people wearing the same perfume in the same country! So to sort the problem I was going to suggest that you let ME use the perfume (me being female(-ish)) when I come over, but then Milan might be somewhat uncomfortable having urges to sniff me.

  13. SL - you weren't the first and won't be the last victim of my sniffing.

    Dolly - my gaultier sniffing is gender neutral, I have no problem sniffing you too. And if you happen to have naturally curly long hair then I could possibly kidnap you as my doll.

    If only I had a basement....