Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trip to Dublin

Well as I said last week I was taking my daughter to Dublin for the night last saturday.

We set off early on saturday morning and arrived at the Gresham where we were told we could'nt check in untill three o clock. So off we set for Grafton ST after leaving our bag's with the porter. We strolled up the street stopping off to buy a few bit's , had lunch in a place called Dandelion (I think) on St Stephens green. On the way back we went into Brown Thomas' to get the breast cancer bag (oops nearly said breast feeding).

after checking in at three we went up Henry St and did a bit more shopping . Had dinner in the hotel that evening and then had a lovely surprise as Idiot and Aoife came in to see us. We had a lovely evening with some great laugh's. There was a wedding in the hotel and where we were sitting in the bar Aoife and I could see the style if you could call it that , my god some of those girls should get some help there was satin and plastic flipflops and that was'nt the worse.

There seemed to be some ruckas outside where the groomsmen were wearing baby pink waistcoat's and hard looking faces. They were smoking in the ladies, toilet roll all over the floor and the shouting and language was dreadful. However we had a ball Aoife and I being very critical and nearly getting caught out talking about it by a guest. really enjoyed the craic.

Next morning as we were waiting to be seated for breakfast and there was a call from the bride and groom wanting their breakfast with champagne as they had been awake all night , really who want's to know. All I could do was laugh as I said to kate I'm sure they have been at it before now not like in my day.

So off we went again up Henry St and while Kate was in a shop I looked in Game Stop and guess what I bought a Wii , much to the amusement of my children. So that was my weekend and a really enjoyable one at that , too much food too much drink and too much money spent and as for the Wii well that's another story .


  1. Would you have made the guests wear your special kind of beaded hats? Could become a new trend you know!

    And, I'm scared to ask, but what is a breast cancer bag??

  2. You had an impulse wii!

    Oh, I read about the breast cancer bag - an affordable designer bag, money goes to breast cancer!

  3. money goes to breast cancer. Wore my beaded hat was admired all day

  4. Ails I think you'd look hilarious in that beaded hat.

    i love your post, especially the suspense at the end with the wii.

  5. thanks milan I was thinking of changing my lampshade joke photo but maybe now I'll leave it for a bit.