Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Waste of time

A few weeks ago Aldi had a special on ice cream maker's , so excited I got one. Now I have been quite busy and did'nt have time to use it so yesterday afternoon I decided to try it out. Followed the instructions to the letter and four hours late I was looking at my homemade ice cream about two dessert spoon full's.

I am so disappointed I thought how lovely if miss Shan was down she could try some of her nana's homemade ice cream. I think this might be another gadget that won't see the light of day again.

As I'm sitting here typing I'm keeping my eye on a weird beetle type thing on the ceiling where is the husband when you need him.


  1. And Icecream Ireland told everyone about them... bummer.

    Get a good one, it's worth it! My mother made it commerciallly for a while, when I was small she didn't have a machine, she had a bucket with a crank handle!

  2. Hehe, mum and her gadgets....worse than the rest of us by far :D

    Maybe the icecream maker is a weight loss device in disguise?? all the work for crap all??

  3. Idiot are you insinuating anything if so you'd want to be very careful.

  4. I always felt that way about the (once used) smoothie maker I bought.