Sunday, June 22, 2008

Genuine friendships are us...

I've had an idea for a post for some time about friendships and how there's something absent from all the friendships I have; that there's an element of the false in every relationship that I have, with friends and family.

But now I come to it, I don't have any substance to the thought. But now that I found a pretty picture and accidentally published the post I might as well leave it out there for you to ponder nonetheless, and fill in your own background story.


  1. Interesting. Pondering. Would you say it is the same thing missing in all of them or different things?

    I know I've become more selective over the years - both friends and family (just because we're related doesn't mean I have to have them in my life). If I don't feel joy in giving when around someone I avoid them. I realised how much energy was drained from me at times when I needed it the most for myself.

    Should add that I'm crap at keeping in touch in general. The ones that understand I love them even after a year (or 15) has gone by are keepers.

  2. MIlan maybe it's just a feeling of not being honest about yourself, maybe you try to keep something about yourself hidden?

    I have known you for a long time, and I find you lovely, I feel bad about chickening out of the Burlesque classes, I'm a bad friend!

  3. Midge, you're grand I've no problem with that.

    Dolly - yes it's different things with different people. I'd say it's a normal enough thing/normal enough for me.

  4. I know what you mean. Milan, or at least, I know how it applies to me. I have very few friends I feel I can be myself with fully.

    I suspect you just can't recreate the intensity and honesty of your adolescent freindships in your adult life...

  5. Good post
    I have thought about this many time's.Apart from hubby and kid's I have about three really good friend's two of them I have been friends with for thirty year's or so might'nt hear from them all the time but when we talk it's like we were talking the day before. My other good friend is in carlow and I know I can tell her anything and she me.

  6. Weird how Milan's non-post has gotten more comments than some of her regular posts recently ;)