Friday, June 27, 2008

Hate being home

When we arrived home on saturday morning early in the rain the first thing we saw was bush's broken in the garden. On further investigation hole's on the lawn (if you could call it that) postbox on the ground just a bit of a mess. In the light of day you could see that a cow had got into the garden. So what do we do I don't know which cow it was or whose it was so we are stuck trying to fix it all up . Annoying as we have spent quite a bit trying to do up the house for sale.

Before we went away the lawnmower broke so we had to get another one yesterday, We had a blowout on sunday going to get food so hopefully that's all three thing's please keep finger's crossed.


  1. What are you like with the cows. You must be real country so.

  2. I am and at the moment I hate it since I've come home all i've seen is rain and cow's

  3. Cows and rain.......Jesus, you need a weekend away in New York or something!! THe weather is just too depressing, I'm not a sun worshipper but this is insane, and the kids are off school for two months!!!