Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is this the start of the end? I hope not!

I am beginning to worry, all blogs go through bad patches, my own goes through it 3 times a year, but what is happening here, very little from what I can see. Have people just given up the will to post? at this stage I am starting to believe they have.

I know I have not been keeping as up to date as I should be but, I have made as much effort as I can, I know that we all have lives in the real world aswell, but I do feel the community is begining to crumble.

This has made me feel sad as I have met so many people through this blog, many of whom I would honestly consider to be very good friends, of which I would not have many, I would have a lot more aquaintances.

Jo mentioned this to me a good while back, after the irish blogs actually, that she felt the blog was staggnating, I chuckled and said nah its a lull after the fast and furious posting pre awards, Jo I am eating my hat as I type this.

I will be intrested to see the replies to this post, and I really do hope that the blog can come back from the ashes, but if not should we call it a day?


  1. Hi Shan I really really hope it's not the end, and I'm as guilty as anyone for lack of posting. Honestly I've logged on about 3 times this week and just stared at the blank screen not knowing what to post about. All I do is swim, cycle and run these days and I blog about that elsewhere. I promise to make more effort even if it is about sport!!
    I have to say I hate word verification and without even noticing it has put me off commenting generally. But I do understand the need for it. :-)

  2. In my defense, I've been very non-internetty this week. I hope to return to my usual geekery over the next couple of days. Posts impending!

  3. I just hate blogger and my computer, I have so little time to blog or comment or read blogs and this computer is so slow and lazy, it's taken ten minutes to get this comment window to open.....I am gonna try to blog more, but I am just finding it really hard, I have no time to think of stuff to blog about, and no time to blog if I actually think up a topic......I am basically brain dead!

  4. "word verification"? That's not necessary is it? Not when I'm commenting anyway.

    In regards to the blogging rate. I feel it is a bit premature to say it is time to give it up. It's summertime, very hectic times for most and loads of outdoor activities. I'll be away the upcoming two weeks but if I find an internet café on the island I might post.

    I could post every day, but I fear the qualtity of my already quite boring posts would hit rock bottom. I *AM* boring at the moment so I hope I'll come back with more energy after the first vacation period.

  5. Ash - if you are logged into your blogger account word verification should not be there, well thats the case for me a dolly anyhow!

    Daz - Yep I gather you aint been yourself, you weak individual, but good to see your a man again ;-)

    MW - Yep I understand that blogger is shit I hate it also and would be a fan of a move to wordpress but I think that may not happen, people here have got comfy in googles blogger platform, word verification causes problems so a new system will fall flat on it knees, sorry to hear your brain dead.

    Dolly - Holidays do not exist in Blisstonia so you better get that one sorted, but have a ball anyhow whereever that island is!

  6. Oh Dolly this downward spiral has been happening since March, when it was pissing rain here!

  7. OK... so that's when I joined. What do you say I leave, would you start posting more? ;)

  8. LMAO dont think the swedish influence is the reason why!

  9. I just don't know. I can't think of anything to post about. And it's hard to post when people aren't really reading or commenting.

    I've been trying hard to think about a post for the last few days and I'm coming up with nothing!

    I don't know why!

    If you think a move to wordpress would work, then fine, but I personally find it less user freindly and I can't be arsed to learn stuff sometimes, so I just don't bother with the complicated things, but I suppose we don't need it. So maybe Wordpress and a new lookie would generate soem more interest?

  10. Funny both myself and Daz were saying the exact same thing maybe a change of look is eactly what we need.

    I see a banner with all our heads on it no names just heads, I could take the pictures and do the photoshop nescessary, even help with the coding of the template to make it look cooler.

    I may go register anyhow just in case although I would think SL has done that already.

  11. OK I have registered anyhow just in case we decide to change, better off having it there before someone else steals it.

  12. Shan - we've had ups and downs before. It wasn't since the awards that things slowed down, it was a month or 6 weeks after that. But it's got slower and slower since. I've been disillutioned so many times and promised myslef to give it up because of the disillusionment but I always come back and I see that as a sign of weekness that I haven't.

  13. I sense the rise of a new overlord, shan. Think of all the pages you can put stuff on...

  14. How about heads with masques, as in the masqued ball?

  15. Ash, give us your swim/cycle/run routine so!!! You always have loads to write in our letters ;)

    Jaysus Shan, busy day for you m'boy, eh? 2 posts this week and now eight today! Could have sworn I'd registered one drunken night. Ah well... If you want to take on all the hassle of being over lord (makes *shrug shoulders* "sure why would you want to put that on yourself?" gesture) ;)

    I'd like our group photo from the bloggies with masks of some kind.

    Still not sure we're not making it more complex for the existing LBPs to move, and I love Wordpress.

    I shall ponder it further.

    Dolly and Jo - share your boredom! We all like to read detail about each other no matter how small.

  16. I shall have no excuse shortly since I'll be unemployed and at home all day - as for a redesign, I think that's a good idea - not so sure about the heads, anonymity is my friend.

  17. SL you have done an amazing job of getting this group up and running and to be honest I would never think of over throwing you. Trust me the blog would fall flat on its arse with me in control, a position I do not want. I just thought better off getting the domain before some wanker takes it and wants us to buy it from him.

    I will gladly set it up that both you and I can be the administrators on it, you do the whole group management thing as you have always been doing and let me take care of the coding etc.

    I agree the move to wordpress will be hard for the people who only know blogger, but it can be learnt very quickly and the options open to us are endless.

  18. Shan - I want at least 4 bullet points of WP advantages cause I can see none. You say it's good for geeky stuff but it's fucking shite for easy posting. I'm having such a crap year for technology this is just another thing to add to it.

    I stand firm on my dead set opposition to WP.