Saturday, June 21, 2008

LBP AGM # 4? 5? I was very drunk every time...

The time has been settled upon. After the success of our most recent blog gatherings (see below) the next LBP night out has been arranged.

It is to be Friday July 4th at a pub in South County Dublin and then after to Midge's house which she has offered for the occasion. Even after the mess you lot made the last time you were there.

Let us know whether you can attend in comments and I'll mail the full details out to all this week.


  1. Why not indeed, Darren... mwwahh hahahaaaaa...

    Only kidding, we're normal...

    I, as they say, am in.

  2. I want to say yes, but no. Will be in Greece but will have you all in mind that evening.

  3. Cool guys, hope to see you all on the night, and I'll see you Dolly in August I hope!

  4. I never replied to the text and feel I best reply here, I am sure I will be able to make it but as I explained to Milan, due to developing circumstances which I would prefer to keep private, I may not be able to, I wont know probably untill the day itself, so kinda count me in.