Monday, June 30, 2008

What an interesting weekend!

I was nowhere near the internet all weekend, this as anyone who knows me is unthinkable, but last week the clean builders got messy.

Well to be fair they had too.

As part of the building works we decided to connect the dining room to the kitchen, problem was, the wall dividing the rooms is the main structural wall in the centre of the house, but as they say on the sunday night project, the room will open up ...... good times, but the dust is unbelievable ...... bad times. We were ready for a bit of dust though, we cleared out the dining room cleared the kitchen, closed the doors into the sitting room and they even put up a big sheet of plastic from wall to wall floor to ceiling, made fuck all difference though we still came home to a winter wonderland in our sitting room its going to take weeks to settle.

As part of the prep I had to disconnect my computer to drag it into the sitting room, and there it has remained untill my 2 polish friends leave, but since it aint powered up, I had no computer all weekend and missed the blogging etc.

I think I will be leaving it off all this week aswell, to prove something to myself, which will be a new record for me.

In other news we got a new oven and hob, The missus has always wanted a gas hob, but I have always been nervous of gas, but while our new gas boiler was been installed I spoke to Mr Gas Man about connecting up a gas hob too, as a little gift to the wife. It seems the connection for a gas oven was there already so the majority of the work has been done, so we picked up a hob and oven in DID on saturday and I cut out the hole for the hob and clamped it down for Mr Gas Man to come this evening and do the nesscessary Gas connections. We will then go back to DID and pick up our oven which I should have installed by tonight, happy days.

Today the walls are getting plastered and tomorrow I am taking the day off to do some snagging, cause tomorrow is their last day, and guess what tomorrow is also 20 working days since they started, so they did not bullshit me, they said 4 weeks, and guess what I am very very suprised but also very very happy to be getting rid of them, then the hard work for me begins I have to lay about 60 square yards of flooring and the whole of downstairs needs to be painted including ceilings, then I have to tackle the garden, trust me folks if I have grass by august I will be very suprised, could make for an interesting bar be que though.


  1. looking forward to seeing it. you will be wiping dust for month's.I've been planting some flowers spent a lot and you can't even notice them.

  2. A mud-be-que, perhaps. Gas is the only way to cook! Mrs Shan won't know herself!

  3. Hi Jo, I know and it has only taken 8 years to get!!

  4. Fair play - glad it's finally coming together.

    I was internet-less all weekend too, but mainly because I was intoxicated for most of it and recovering for the rest.

  5. Well you guys survived, well done, sure you won't want ot have a gathering in your perfect house now will you????

  6. About time you did some work Shan. Guess what I heard an add on radio today with John Lynn's voice on it. After pausing for a moment to picture his beautiful hair I remembered that he probably recorded it with you. I think it was for the new site, which I keep forgetting to suss.

  7. I'm already in a garden chair in your garden waiting for someone to bring me out a beer. Hurry up!