Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where you'll find me

I'm sitting in a pub in town, reading and writing. The only available seats? Here in the window. Why? Because this is the only place you can't see any one of the 6 tv screens around the pub. There's some sort of gaa game on.

Just the way I like it :)

True I have to put up with the almost blisteringly loud commentary but other than that I can relax, sip my drink and watch the world go by.

Old fart and proud of it.


  1. Lucky for some, I was in work, very busy. Load's of people n but you can certainly see that money is tight.

    Oh the lotto was won in Carlow, not me though.

  2. Half 3 on Sunday? Eh, I was having a pint (hair of the dog) in the window of the wonderful Morrison's Dinky Bar in Kilkeeny.

    We were all wrecked but very happy.