Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hus part i gruvan i augusti-helgdag helgen

UPDATE : Looks like Friday and not Saturday so at least I have helped you guys out there in relation to choices.

Yes indeed just after all you losers recover from your mad night in MW's along comes "Summer Party 2 - The Awakening"

Dolly confirmed her flight details with my good self, on when she is coming over to the green grass of Eire, and its the weekend of the August bankholiday weekend. She arrives on Friday and leaves Monday, so I promised a party, where I expect everyone to come in honour of our returning pals Dolly and Voodoolady, and have decided either the Friday or Saturday night whatever suits folk.

Please let me know as soon as possible by emailing shanachieoshaughnessy (at) gmail.com or any other address you may have.

The plans for the night are a bit sketchy at the moment but I am hoping for some sort of BBQ (if I have a BBQ at that stage since the builders covered my old one over with soil) and drinks. There shall be no sexual games of any description such as flogging, s&m or lesbian antics (unless I have my camera ready).

So come on guys let me know what suits ASAP, oh and BTW the house may well still be a bit of a disater zone but I am hoping to have the majority done by this stage, only thing missing I hope will be the deck outside, in theory.


  1. yep recieved with thanks Lottie. TBH Party in mine or Tom Waits, I know which I would be picking and it would be an easy choice.

    Well this was always part of the plans so I am going to stick to it and see who can come anyhow, pity though you guys shall not be able to make it.

  2. let me know when, friday or saturday, will need to book babysitter!

  3. I have communicated via the medium of text, my request for a friday evening soiree.
    The Juice are playing Baker's corner on Saturday night, THe Noggin Inn Gig Rig on Sunday afternoon and Brady's
    in Shankill on Sunday Evening, and I'm doing my bake stall in the Dunlaoighre boot sale on Sunday morning- a busy weekend. Custom made entertainment for you, dolly!

  4. working friday . but then I'm not as importand as dolly or voodoolady

  5. Well why not get your ass up that evening???

  6. I was supposed to be in Galway for the races on the Friday. I shall return such is my devotion to you all. And my desire to be spanked again.

    Friday it is.

  7. Tom Waits on the Friday. Birthday dinner with family on Saturday. Burlesque night in Sugar Club on Sunday.

    I'm all booked up - sorry! :(

  8. correction...The Button Factory on Sunday.