Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is this bad for you?

I just ate 3 fuck off huge muffins in 10 minutes, one blueberry and 2 banana/appley ones. Am I gonna die.


  1. But they were so tasty, dont worry went to the loo and got rid of em.

  2. Yes. Where did you put it. Hollow legs?

  3. Well, we'll all die...

    this'll just bring you a teeny bit closer, adding a teeny bit more fat to your arteries (I was going to keep going but it suddenly didn't sound funny!).

    However, I would say the most pressing concern of eating three muffins is the cuddly tummy suprise in your sunroom video - or perhaps it was just an optical illusion, caused by the glare off a shirtless you and Idiot...

    It's funny, the husband had a rep bring them muffins in today - you didn't accost a Hotpoint employee for them did you?

  4. Where can one purchase this brand known as the "fuck off huge" that I may sample the delights?

    (It works better if you read it in a foreign accent. Like Carlow or somewhere)

  5. I second that motion! You may die, but at least you'll leave a beautiful corpse.

  6. Thanks for your concern folks, they really were tasty though, Darragh londis on Baggot Street near Larry Murphys is where you can buy this gourmet snack.