Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back from hols...Boooooooooo!!!

Well what a holiday......Absolutely fantastic. We stayed in Varese in Northern Italy in the Porro Pirrelli hotel and it was beautiful. A bit quiet but once we picked up a car it was great. The lakes are amazing, the food is great, the wine is tasty and the weather was brill. Would recommend a visit to anyone.

Out in Shans house at the moment and it took me a while to work out what was attached to his hand. Apparently it is a phone made by some folks from a company called Apple?? Bit big if you ask me.

Why do some people insist on calling pies that contain apples and raisins apple pies? Wankers. Thats an apple and raisin pie. I hate bloody raisins....

We had a stop off in Prague and I advise any smokers to refrain from going into any of the smoking bars. On the way over Aoife and I had 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers. The charge for this was 33euro. Ouch.

On the way back we decided to be smart and ordered a bottle of water and a coffee. The girl asked us for 19euro so we told her to feck off.

Have read back on a few posts but have more to read, nice to see some new commenter's! Dolly....pretty sure I had a shag that day ;), Mr Mulley, nice one, fair do's to you. Mum, it will all be worth it in the end, Shan this site is an open community forum not an apple site...hehe.

Part two of idiots story coming soon, if I can think of ought to write.


  1. It sounds lovely Idiot. I was in Prague a few years ago and found it really cheap. Obviously a lot has changed since.

  2. Id, I was in Prague 13 years ago and it was a bit of a rip off back then too. I was there 3 years ago and it was just a bit boring.

  3. I'm heading this year for holidays so any advice from all would be appreciated!

  4. I've never been to Prague so cannot comment on its relative coffee costs.

    SL, wanna take me to Prague with you? I can provide stimulating conversation, witty comedy stylings, great foot massages, but very little in the way of money. I can also sing tunes to brighten up anyone's day.

    Idiot, looking forward to the follow up story.

  5. As a woman I am forever on some diet or another and I feel like jumping around and hugging people whenever they comment that I have lost weight - but that's what I am going for.

    I never thought men were as preoccupied with their weight as women but I am starting to realize thats not the case.

    I would just take the compliment and go with it. Be proud of your new svelte self!

  6. Idiot - Welcome back and good to hear I can trust you :)
    You forgot to mention the fact that the silly extension Shan has grown is WHITE! Just thought I'd add that.

    Lottie - FFS woman, get your comments sorted...

  7. Sorry *scuttles off into a corner to lick wounds*