Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cinderella drunken posting

Posting from a floor year you. It's beautiful and streaky they did a great job.

I am being coérced into blogging, drunk and late home to relieve my mother in law. This is a resentment post because IÄm not ready to go + IÄm posting on Dolly's laptop so Iäm going to leave the umlauts in. Authentic drunken Swedish laptop posting. From Jo.

Resentment posting becaue I had originally booked the husband to babysit but a gig came up and he took it without a thought. Oh yes. So here I am, going home, while he'll come in at three thirty and get up bolloxed tomorrow and be a narky fuck.


Drunken posting. Knew I shouldn't have started. Night x

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