Monday, August 11, 2008


Now I have an absolute dread of dentist's , when I lived in Dublin my dentist lived a few door's up from us and he would leave me down a valium before my visit . I would'nt talk to him if we met at shop's or any function , he was a really nice man but he was a dentist.

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment and a huge amount of things to be done , big thing's . ~I am terrified , my friend is coming with me but I hav'nt slept for about two week's as I keep waking up with nightmare's of the dentist nearly sitting on my chest pulling at my teeth . I then feel physically sick .

So thats why I hav'nt been posting and commenting and also have very little to say as this has been on my mind and taken over my life. Sorry for the moan.


  1. good luck! i know how you feel. i used to go to a dentist who specialises in people with dental phobia, she had lots of drugs ;) and was super nice. but that was in london and now i have to find a new dentist in dublin... i'm too scared to even start looking...

    the thing is, you'll feel great once it's all done!

  2. Good luck Ails. I'm at the opposite end, I like going to the dentist, but i'm just a freak as I'm always reminded.

  3. You will be grand at the end of it all, just think getting rid of those teeth will mean no more dentists again, happy days.

    Will talk to you later.

  4. Good luck Ails!

    I had an awful fear of the dentist and managed to avoid them for many years. Early last year I had to go and found a wonderful woman who put me at my ease and made the experience actually pleasant.

    I can't say I look forward to going now, but I have no fears about going to her. I even have regular checkups now. :)

  5. You could do a RayFoley job on it ( and practise chronic blogging (with visual!!!) during the run up AND after the dreaded appointment. (Warning: if this turns out to be your perferred method of post -dentist emotional healing, you run the risk of boring everyone into an early, self inflicted grave.)

  6. thanks a mill everyone . keep your finger's crossed .

  7. Ails - here's you sister. I have a totally irrational fear of dentist. I went back to the dentist a few months ago for the first time since I was about 13.

    The only thing to keep telling yourself is that it IS IRRATIONAL. It's not as bad as we build ourselves up to believe.

    Just focus on something in the room and let your mind wander elsewhere. I hope it all goes well.

  8. Best of luck! Hope you've got a good bunch of drugs to get you through it all.

  9. ails, this is awful. Seriously, you need to do something about it instead of suffering - you're going to have to go more than once more!

    Hypnotherapy will help, if you find a good hypnotherapist. And really, you've nothing to lose by taking the rescue remedy, it might have taken the edge of these weeks of anxiety! Also Aconite 30 from the health food shop.

  10. Haven't been to the dentist since I was 12.

  11. You poor thing, I know what you mean, would rather give birth than go to dentist (one slapped me when I was twelve) Let us know how you get on!

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