Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The future's so bright...

Warning: scum alert

I have a pair of sunglasses. They're cheap and they have a crack in the middle of one of the lenses. Both glasses arms are also very chewed - by someone else, and later, to a lesser extent, by me.

I found these glasses on my hall table sometime in the last year and a half and have been using them all the time since. They're my favourite shades. I think they belonged to my niece but I never verified this fact so they could have come from anywhere. Maybe a fairy left them for me.

Anyway, a few weeks into me wearing them I met up with a society-conscious, normal-female-type friend. After a while she noticed my glasses and asked to try them on. But upon closer inspection she noticed in horror the very mutilated arms on them. I opened my mouth to explain that the chewing wasn't actually done by me. But stopped myself in time when I realised that it's probably a far worse grooming crime to wear glasses chewed by another rather than have chewed them myself.

I think I made the right decision.


  1. Classy!

    I could make some blather about how hard it is to find a really comfortable pair of Sunnies but no I just can't. Tut tut!

  2. Hehe! I understand you holding back telling her, but right now I'd have loved to see her face when hearing about it.

    Seems like you really really like these shades. Do you avoid wearing them meeting your niece?

  3. No, and she never said that they were hers so it's still a mystery where they came from. Some day I should suss that out.

  4. I found a pair of hotel slippers in my purse a while ago. Took me some time before I could remember how they ended up there...

  5. I think you made the right choice, milan. Good instincts.