Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Only in Cavan!

Forget about Miss Ireland now it's time for Moos Ireland - the beauty contest for cows.

The Moos Ireland pageant is taking place in Cavan today and up to 30 mooing beauties will compete to be crowned The Baileys Champion Cow Competition.

The judges will pick the moo-st(sorry) deserving winner by judging them on their markings, the shape and tone of their legs, the curve of their back and the size and texture of their udders (typical). Where will the sexism end??

They went on to say that looks are not everything and a good personality and temperament is a must.


  1. You seriously have to recieve some sort of blogging award along the lines of "Most suitable accompanying picture to a post".
    Cow in a bikini...brillance

  2. I thought I had reached maturity, but after glimpsing that COW, what's her name, I don't know anymore.
    I’ve lost it. She's so cute. I think I'm in love.
    What am I going to tell the wife; never mind everybody else;-)


  3. There's some ad with sexy, human bodied animals like this out at the moment - it has a bear dancing with a deer and stuff.

    It's stomach turning! Why!?

    What do the cows do for their special talent, I wonder? A moosical number? Tell an amoosing anecdote?

  4. Jo - I think This is what you're thinking of. Very Disturbing!

    Welcome Momentary Madness! She does of a Jessica Rabbit quality about her. :)

    @ Pauric - Isn't photoshop amazing?!

  5. @Pauric Agreed. You nominate and I'll second it. :)

    Welcome to the blog, MoMad!

  6. Time to watch methinks:

  7. Very amoosing . .sorry it's late, I'm tired . . shouldn't have bovvered.