Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obligatory postcard from the Lobster woman!

Hola, from Sunny Spain!

I am having a lovely time in Spain, the weather is amazing, sorry, I know it is horrible there! The food is great, but I am eating very little! I did topless sunbathing yesterday, got my baps out to bake in the sun on the beach, I am still white though, except for a patch on my upper thigh that I forgot to slather in factor 40! I eventually relaxed yesterday, and my mind is focused in ways it hasn't been in a long time, I am undecided as to whether or not that is a good thing....I am looking at my life in ways that I haven't in years, evaluating if the things I wanted in my twenties are still what I want now, or am I just hanging on to old hopes and dreams? Even if I got what I wanted would I still want it?

I miss my children, terribly, I see kids running around and I imagine my little guys here with me, but I am glad they aren't, when I have a decent break away from them I can look at them with fresh eyes and appriciate how amazing they are and how lucky I am to know them!

Off to another little village today, had a late breakfast in "The Straw Donkey" a great diner style place run by Will, a lovely Canadian, Breakfast burrito and Pratas Bravas! Definatly my current craving! Last night eating at night in a shack on the beach was lovely too, freshest saefood I have had in a long time!

Anyway, wish you were here?

Midge X


  1. Hey now. It was sunny here today. For all of about 13 seconds.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Relax. Don't miss the kiddies too much. they will be back to driving you mental in no time.

  2. I always go topless in Spain, bit weird that randomers have pics of me half naked in the background but also quite amusing!

    So so jealous, will be having breakfast burritos myself soon at EP but probably in a flooded field so hardly the same :)

  3. Midge, great to hear you're settling into your holiday.

  4. Hate you, you know that obviously. VL I wouldn't have revealed you were going to EP too easily. Now Milan is going to invite you over to the 4nine£ tent.