Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm sitting in Neary's pub off Grafton Street. A hundred things are screaming through my head.

I want to write this post.

I want to listen to the slightly interesting conversations happening around me.

I want to text someone, but I don't.

I want to finish the book in my bag.

I desperately want to write but I have stupid writer's block.

I want to think about work.

I want to make an entry in my diary.

I want to text my friend and cancel meeting them for coffee.

I want to take covert pictures.

I want to just stare out at the rain and see what thoughts form.

I'm paralysed and doing nothing, except this of course.

I live like this almost all the time.


  1. Inspiring, SL.

    I do the same thing though.

    Close your eyes and stick a pin in one.

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  4. Everyone seems to be feeling a little peculiar this week.


  5. Jaysus you could have given me a shout, feck ya!

  6. I think the odd mood is catching. I was having a great Monday and Tuesday was looking good too.

    Then a friend didn't show up to meet me after work and I couldn't get hold of them (still can't). I got soaked to the skin by the rain. A car splashed a puddle (no, swimming pool) all over me. I just about made the later train home and was stuck on a carriage of loud Spanish kids.

    Strange how small things, when bunched together, can ruin a perfectly positive outlook.

    I might just stay in bed in the morning. Work don't need me! :(

  7. SL, I'm right there with you. Unfortunately.

    Send the text. Don't skip the coffee meet.

    You should have sex! And I should post something.

  8. i share your pain, i live like this too... too many things in my mind, too little action..

  9. @Shan What, and give myself one more option? ;)

    @Darren Sure don't worry, there's always after work on Thursday!

    @Dolly No, I shouldn't. It's one I really don't need to send. I didn't skip, she always puts a smile on my face. I should have sex, that goes without saying.

    @selina There are loads of us, and thanks for the comment :)

  10. @SL Absolutely! Looking forward to it. But god help the next person who's a no-show for me! I'll hunt them down and eat their brains.

    Ahem! I'm not bitter!

  11. I've had a great week so far of meeting up with loads and loads of people that I haven't seen in ages but my appetite for society is insatiable so I'm never content.