Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pimp it out

Thought the sexy title would grab your attention.

Our good friend Mr Damien Mulley him of such hthings great like the blog awards, and all things technical, the true blogging king, has announced his latest project the first Irish Web Awards, to be held on October 11th. I am positive there will be a blog category so we best start writing some good shit for once if we stand a chance of nomination.

So to all of you with other places you write, pimp this dude he deserves it.


  1. Wow, the initiator of the Web awards is your "good friend"... I can imagine you typing that post without a trace of irony in mind.

  2. Shan we're shite, we don't deserve that attention.

    Pauric - why are you always so outwardly cynical of us. If you wanna be part of 49£ you join in the spirit of the banter, not come along to criticise whereever possible. If I take your tone up wrongly I apologise.

  3. Well actually he is a good friend. I have no idea if you blog already but if you don't I would have to say that anyone who has a blog would consider this guy a mate. He speaks for all Irish bloggers and has been one of the guys at the forefront in pushing the Irish blogosphere.
    On a sidenote though I do agree with Milan here if you wanna join up you have a funny way of showing it.

    And by the way irony? Why would I have a feeling of irony I actually know the guy quite well.

  4. This seems to be becoming a popular sport, bitching about bloggers and posts.

    Here's an idea. If you don't like a blog, don't read it. There are far better things to do in a day.

  5. Hello people,
    I aplologise if I have offended any of you, it wasn't meant to sound so cynical, rather more light heartedly sceptical. Perhaps I should start using smiley faces to convey what I mean :).

    Milan: (how the hell do you pronounce the second part of that by the way) I take your point. However, anything I said WAS meant to be in the spirit of the banter.

    Shanachie: Yeah your right. To be honest I had no idea who this guy was, or what your relationship was to him. I just thought I saw a hint of humour in the post.

    Jothemama: Please. I'm not bitching. Sorry if it sounded like it. But your right, there are better things to do in a day than read blogs. How and ever, when your a teenager in hardly-too-straining summer job with the internet as your only portal of leisure, blogs are an excellent way of passing time! This one has its great moments from time to time.

  6. Pauric, dont feel bad about it, to be honest new commenters are a rarity for us here, maybe we read into it incorrectly.

    Yep Damien certainly is some man, rarely does he gat paid for all the hard work he does thats the main reason I wanted to pimp him out there a bit for this huge event he is planning.

  7. Pauric - thanks for coming back on our rants. And that's Milan with emphasis on second syllable, unlike the city. And Adenauer is pronounced Ad-en-ow-er. Well actually, the ow part is more like ah-ooh, like an extended ou from ouch.

    Nothing like a bit of linguistics on Fri morning. I'm off for some toast.

    Tell us more about your job Pauric.

  8. Thanks for your compassion people.
    My job? I work in a Solicitor's firm basically doing nothing most of the day. They gave me my own office(!) in which I spend the day on the internet until someone rings me to do something really tedious like look for a land deeds from the 17th century(no joke.)Money is good though.

    Good luck with the awards thingy-

  9. I didn't think he was being bitchy at all. I usually find his comments quite funny, if a little caustic.

    Keep it up, P. Give that Shan guy a run for his money. :)

  10. Cheers Darren. Sound of ya! but, I think it was generally acknowledged that the comment was a bit unwarranted.

    P.S. Don't mess with the house - Shan doesn't seem like he would take dissent lightly! :)

    P.P.S. That was a joke. Please don't hurt me...

  11. Darren - do you and Lottie work in the same office????

  12. Actually that last one was meant for Pauric

  13. no please do MJ, we are a lovely bunch of coconuts really.

    Dissent Pauric don't know what the fuck it means.

    Just ignore Daz he wants to recruit people to try and put me down a peg or 2 since he is failing so badly. He is a bad sort, and I would advise you to stay clear of the curly ones comment.

  14. dissent: bit like what you say Darren is attempting to do... he is disagreeing with the majority, almost like insubordination. ;)

  15. pauric, thanks for getting back!

    I didn't mean to suggest there was anything wrong with reading blogs, far from it. I'm just a little sensitive about people reading blogs they don't like and then complainining about them.

    So I'm delighted that's not the case with you :)

    Hi MJ - yay for the fresh commentary!

  16. Huh? What's happening here now? Who do I work with? And who is this Mulley chap?

  17. I missed all this, didn't I? Hard to read inflection into dry text sometimes Pauric. Do you have a blog of your own? Hi MJ :)