Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shag - the bad kind.

So the husband had a job interview today - he desperately needs a job with a proper salary, I won't start earning again til the end of September and we're ... well, we have no money, shall we say.

He was meant to go to a place in Rathfarnham, he rang the agency to Double check it was in the village. When he got there there was no such shop. So he rang the business and finally found one in Churchtown - it wasn't that one, it was miles away. Being him, he nodded at the incredibly long directions he was given and drove off, never mind writing anything down. He was meant to be there by ten, but when I rang at 11 he'd just phoned them again to say he was too pissed off to do an interview and she said she'd reschedule.

I'm torn about this - on one hand, very annoying, and their incompetence, etc. On the other hand, WTF? Find the place, do the interview, check it out while you can. Or maybe it's a sign that they're not worth working for. I don't know. Frustrated. Worried. Nerr.


  1. I think most of this recession stuff is bollocks but it is so much harder to get a job these days. I started a new one last week though :D

  2. Is that Jack from Lost or Balthazar Getty?

    Don't blame him Jo - he must have been so pissed off with them. Im sure he's trying his best there are two of you in this.

  3. Sounds like a nightmare! I can see why you're feeling frustrated, but I don't blame him for cancelling. I've had several really crap interview experiences in the last few months and I've really had enough of it. It's tough finding a job at the moment, I've been looking for four months now! I've been told things should get better in September...

  4. It's more that he's going back tomorrow, more hours spent... maybe there'll be a happy ending.

  5. best of luck i'll be thinking of you both ,thing's are hard at the moment.

  6. Thanks ails It need s to be the right job though, too, I don't think this is going to be...