Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strange Dreams

Ok, I had a very very strange dream last night. Again, it was one of those really real ones. Everything seemed normal and the natural order of things, but it was anything but normal.

Aliens had landed, invaded and then integrated with humans. I'm talking aliens from the Sigourney Weaver movies. They arrived and started a rampage, killing everyone. Then one of them met the boring teacher from Ferris Bueller, this guy:

He started singing the theme tune from some old TV show (can't remember which one) - the alien liked it and took pity on humanity. They started to integrate with the humans and Liz an I went on a double date with a friend of ours and one of the aliens. See - strange!

Then, one of the aliens was working in a mobile phone shop with the Ferris Bueller teacher. Another alien came in to complain to the teacher about his phone not working and his co-worker alien had to protect him. A civil war started between the aliens...then I woke up.

So, what does it all mean? 'Cause I haven't a feckin' clue!


  1. you have a very active imagination... or else you are very disturbed

  2. This has the beginnings of great screenplay. We should commence work immediately. Part musical/part thriller.

  3. @Pauric I suspect it's the latter.

    @Lottie Feck off you - you've had weirder dreams!!!

    @Anto It would only work if we can get the Ferris Bueller guy. His name is Ben Stein. Come back to me when you have him on board.

  4. Did you eat cheese before going to bed ;-)

  5. I had a better one, but it's not or here. Tell you Friday. Freud would have had a field day with it ;)

  6. It means you've got friggin awesome dreams!