Friday, September 12, 2008

D4 Delinquents and Signing Soubrettes

Last night, in the space of five minutes, between getting on the DART and getting off again at Sandymount to meet Lottie, a couple of very odd things happened.

Firstly, I had a row with some D4 girl, who brought her lit cigarette onto the train with her. I did nothing more than give her a disapproving look, and this caused her drama school trainig to kick in - "Oh my Gord! What! is your problem?" I shook my head and she proceeded to stub out her cigarette on my chair. Nice!

A happier event followed. Sitting across from two girls who were frantically signing to each other and glancing at me repeatedly, one of them, Ciara, stopped signing for a moment, turned to me and said, "My friend thinks you're really sexy". I didn't know where to look or what to say, so I just turned an interesting shade of red. This was further compounded when the other girl, her friend, slapped Ciara's hand and said, "Oh my God, Ciara, I can't believe you said that to him". I had to laugh at this - neither were deaf; they were just ogling me through sign language.

On an slightly unrelated note, do all sentences between girls these days have to begin with some variant on "Oh My God"?

P.S. I feel a touch guilty for breaking with the gay theme of the previous two posts.


  1. omg, it Would be handy to have sign language.

    You have the whole metro thing going on so you can get away with it.

  2. Ohmygod, yes they do.

    I used to have this brilliant habit of pretending I was deaf and knew how to sign when I was in public places. I'd just do makey-uppy sign language and mouth random words for ages. It embarrassed the crap out of whoever I was with.

    I need to revive that habit.