Monday, September 01, 2008

Electric picnic unlaoised

Today I have blood shot eyes, a sore back, feet that are bloodied beyond belief from a weekend of welly-wearing, glitter EVERYWHERE, a general reek of alcohol (no-one has said but I assume) and the hacking cough of a 50 a day smoker - yes sir, I've been a'picnicing!

I wasn't at last years picnic as I was in Oz but 2008 is such an improvement in 2006. The body and soul area was amazing, so much so that I didn't see half the stuff I meant too because I got caught up in something there so often.


CSS, Franz, David O'Doherty, Adam Hill, Sigur Ros, The Stunning
The Bollywood bar for the vodka and cosy couches
The velvet toliets for when the portaloos were too much to bear
The 'live' juke box, did anyone see those catsuits?? Phwoor
The free lollipops in the nokia lounge
The THISISPOPBABY tent, hilarious - drag queens and a giant inflatable baby
The Arcadia stage at night, so much fun
Nachos in the flaming burrito
Dancing in the pussy parlour
The farmers market
The people dressed up like baby's lying upside down in the hurdy gurdy (??) veggie cafe on Saturday night


Queues for everything
The Trough like loos in the campsites, SERIOUSLY, people were traumatised


  1. Ace, the whole lot of it.

    Bar the loo's. They were unnecessary. Cringing at the memory.

  2. That's it. Myself and the family will be attending next year. I'm going to put a collection fund in our house. No visitor will be allowed leave without depositing some change!

  3. Awesome! Count me in for next year.

    @Poetboy Surely the loos are a little necessary?

  4. "Count me in for next year.

    Me too me too me too!

  5. You don't understand unless you were there, portaloos I can handle but not the troughs.

  6. Darren,
    Of all the blogs I look at only yours is blogged by the school's web filter. What have you got on there, eh?

  7. @Pauric Really? Cool! I guess it may have something to do with the two biggest search terms that bring people to my site are "hottest woman alive" and "voyeuristic intentions". I think my blog is fairly tame though.

  8. Voodoo great to hear you enjoyed it so many folk from my job went down also and had a ball.

    And I must say what a fucking excellent title to your post, very clever.

  9. Ack, I can't lie, I completely stole it, it was on some EP literature I saw over the weekend.

    I'm a great robber though eh?