Saturday, January 31, 2009

And who said it was all over!!! you should have known better

Hello there, Shanachie here.

Well that previous post is no longer valid, let me explain what happened. I had alienated myself from SL and the others after my last post explaining why I wanted to leave, well it seems my decision was a good one. Not long after the guys were all together out on the Lima Bean Fields picking away and I had made friends with other bean pickers on the other side of the plantation. Word got out that they had all gone mad on the moonshine and a van came and picked them up and dropped them into the pound.

Well to be fair I was pretty fucked off, but my new companions kept me sane. I knew somewhere out there, Someone Living had left the key to the blog around and I endeavoured to find it. 

4 months went by and the keys were found, and the blog was reborn. 

Enough of that shite, but it is good to be back! and yes we have a load of new bean pickers on board, not only that but we are going worldwide, with posts from Ireland, England, the USA, and mainland Europe. The other thing we hope to do is continue as Someone Living and Midget Wrangler had intended. We will carry on where they left off with some bloggers who have been at it for years to others that have never ever read a blog let alone posted on one! Very few of us have even met each other which will even make it more interesting!

Hopefully we can keep going as Someone Living and Midget Wrangler would have intended.

So forninepounds open for business, I hope you enjoy your stay. And many thanks to SL for giving the blog a second chance you will be missed buddy! but rest assured you will never be allowed back! mwhahaha!!! only kiddin!


  1. Great to see you back (have to admit I didn't really know you were gone, only reading blogs a short while) but I have seen the name pop up in several places, so it can only be good! I look forward to future posts

  2. well done
    really nice to have this back

  3. Thank you for the invite, hope to do you proud or at least not humiliate you and the others. btw do I still have to pick these horrid lima beans ;o)

  4. Wow! Congraatuations on the rebirth. Best of luck!

  5. I'm astonished at your swift work, god bless you and all who sail in you.

    Until you come up against us at next year's Blog Awards. Then it's war.