Wednesday, February 11, 2009


As I will soon be hitting the big 60 , I find myself getting more critical of other's.

When I was young we had respect for policemen , teacher's etc , now the young people just sneer at them . So now I feel I say what I think which in itself is not great but what the hell.

At work today we have a sale on and everything is reduced by 70% so you can imagine my face when this woman wanted more off she only ever buy's in sales so I just told her I did'nt have the authority to do this . The manager came in and gave her more off so after customer left i had to say something as she had caused a lot of trouble a few month's back I got annoyed, so as the shop is cutting back on hour's hmm I wonder who will be cut back , hee hee.


  1. I hate people like that. I have now got to the stage of using the following line "OF COURSE!! Actually why dont I give you a fiver to take it off my hands!!" Gets me sales everytime....dumbasses.

    Sale only shoppers are the most annoying I have ever met..

  2. Just want to say sorry for my confusing post last night I was so annoyed Icould'nt get it down fast enough . Thank's idiot I knew you'd understand.

  3. Sorry to say, but manager was probably right. Currently, cash flow not profit is the goal. They need the money to pay next week's wages!

  4. They probably still made a profit from it.