Monday, February 16, 2009


I am angry today, people ask me why and I cant really explain, once again though I think it is a trait I have that I let little things just boil up for ages then explode, well I have a feeling thats exactly what will happen before the day is out.

I know I have traits that annoy the fuck out of people, but there is one trait thankfully I do not have and that is the trait of been false around people!

So many people nowadays have this trait, your work collegues, your clients, and even people who you network with, I notice it more and more these days. Am I just getting older and noticing it or has it always been there, but my eyes were blinkered from it.
Honestly I believe it has always been there but probably not to the extent it is now.

You can see the false smiles, the licking of arses, then comes the lies, the deception behind peoples backs, the bitching, the gossiping.

I see it now on Twitter, in blogs, on facebook, in bars, at parties, at lunchtime and during sessions in work and at this stage my head is full of anger against these people.

So heres what I have to say, fuck off, leave me the fuck alone until you get a grip on life and start acting real you wanking cock knockers!!!

(Already feeling better)


  1. I see it on Twitter and blogs all the time. It really, really reminds me of the back of a bus in early teenage years - cool kids at the back, lickarses all around trying to catch some reflected fame or desperate for attention, groups ganging up on each other - all of it. (actually that ganging up on Twitter is downright alarming at times!)

    Reputation is everything, and so many people seem set on crushing all that interferes with them embiggening theirs, or any percieved competition.


  2. You will never guess what I heard about shan the other day.....

  3. Cool so it aint just me thank god! I am just sick of how many people are so pathetically false, it really is sad, that people feel they must impress all the time, as I say I see it every hour in my job, but it has over the last year crept into the online arena.

    On Twitter I attempt to be ME, I curse a lot, and I speak my mind if people dont like it grand thats the way humans are meant to be, and I proved that the other night when I met 5 lovely tweeters, some of whom have been following me for a very long time. It was my first time meeting them all, did I stop cursing nope, did I speak as much as I do on twitter, yes, did I listen to what they were saying, yes I did.

    I did not feel the need to be a different character because I was meeting these people, and to be honest I think I would have pissed them off if I had.

    It just seems so sad that some folk cant be the same!

  4. I get it John - I seem to be on the same wavelength as you. Some people's Twitter accounts have actually put me off those people permanently.

    You always seem like an honest bloke - it's what comes across to me anyway.

  5. I keep a wide circle of freinds and I can be different with different people because you're focusing on different subjects of conversation. I'm a different person talking to a friend of my dad than I am to a blogger or a friend from college. And my language changes completely depending on whether I'm talking to a how'are'ye or a middle college graduate. I find an element of the false in every communication I have but at the same time there's an element of the genuine me in every communication too. I just hope I get a right balance.

    I know it drives you mad Shan. I don't have any answers.

  6. LMAO! Man you get soooo angry. Love you for it, you know I do.

    Had one of those days myself today. I really, really don't like being a grumpy person but the whole situation at work was really doing my head in. It's great to be back at the office ;)